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Custom design your elevator's interior and even the exterior shaft-way, only your imagination limits your design.

Standard Features of the Elvoron Home Elevator

Elvoron Home Elevators are equipped with many standard features, setting them apart from the competition. Some of these features are listed below. For a complete list please contact us or refer to the Elvoron Home Elevator Design and Planning Guide and brochure.

Green Low Energy Drive 240 VAC at15 Amps
Battery powered lowering and optional Up direction
Instantaneous safety brake system
Illuminated push button operation
Automatic Car Lighting LED
Digital Position Indicator
Emergency stop and alarm
UL or CSA certified components
Automatic bi-directional floor leveling
Capacity of up to 1,000 lbs (455 kg).
Car emergency telephone - Hands free
Emergency backup power system for lights, locks and door operators
Slack/broken cable safety brake device
Honeywell door interlocks

Available in 6 standard car sizes


Also we can custom fit to your space

Standard Car Sizes
36" x 48"

36" x 54"

36" x 60"

40" x 54"

42" x 60"

48" x 60"

Glass Cabs and Hoist-ways
Custom Finishes Available
Standard COP.JPG

Standard COP Finish Brushed Stainless Steel

Premium Accents

Prem 1.JPG
The Elvoron Home Elevator is available in 2 drive formats, Hydraulic and in Counter Weight Electric drive. See why we prefer the energy efficiency of the  all electric drive in today's modern homes.
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