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This Open Cab Lift is perhaps our simplest lift which is ideal for 2 stops or 3 stops with an intermediate landing. Enjoy the open feeling to this cab design.
Open Cab Lift

This open cab design is a non claustrophobic design as the cab has 42" sidewalls and is open making you feel that you are not in a small space. The simple design is ideal when travelling from basement to main floor with or without garage level stop. We can install also from main floor to second story with some support considerations on the main floor joist system.

Only 3" Pit

We can install this unit in a hoistway with a 3" pit which is ideal as a renovation install where obtaining deeper pits near exterior walls is a costly endeavour. We can even ramp up the 3" and install with no pit at all if necessary.​

This lift certainly still hass its place in the home elevator market due to its price, pit and potential tax savings so don't overlook this lift.

This Elevator has Proven to be Very Reliable Due to its Simplicity.
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