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The Telecab Home Elevator

This home elevator requires a 3x5' opening in the floor and can serve any 2 levels. Simple solution to give someone vertical transportation standing, walker or a wheelchair in this lift and in many cases tax free.

Telecab Shaftless Elevator

This 2 stop solution can go from basement to main floor or it can be installed as a main floor to second floor, any 2 levels in the home. This type of lift is typically tax zero rated HST and takes approx 3 feet x 5 feet footprint.The telecab maximizes living space and keeps construction to a minimum by eliminating the need for a hoist-way.


500 lbs (227 kg) capacity
Maximum travel of 16’(4,877 mm)
Travel speed 25 feet/min (0,07 m/s) approx.
Cab dimensions: 30" x 46" x 78" (762 x 1,168 x 1,981 mm)
115 VAC relay logic operation (115 VAC up direction and 12 VDC down)
Automatic battery recharging system (115 VAC)
Low voltage controls
2:1 chain hydraulic drive system
Roller guide shoes
Keyed call / send stations
Continuous pressure directional push buttons
Non-skid platform surface
Beige or white acrylic urethane paint finish
¼" (6 mm) plexiglass windows
Front only car access
34" x 59" (864 x 1,499 mm) minimum floor cutout
90" (2,286 mm) minimum overhead at top landing
Three pieces modular cab design and 8 ft modular guide
rail for easy access on site
Time delay for automatic door lock system
Conforms to ASME A18.1 and CSA-B613

Call today and book a home visit for your home elevator requirements.
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