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Enjoy your outdoor living spaces with the Bruno Elite Outdoor stair lift. Designed to withstand varying climates, the Elite Outdoor stair lift combines easy functionality with sturdy design. A lightweight cover travels with the chair lift to provide protection when not in use. Count on your Elite Outdoor stair lift year round.

  • Marine-grade vinyl padded seat and armrest

  • Performance tested 0°F-125° F (-15°C - 52°C

  • Designed for maximum open space on steps

  • Anodized aluminum rail with covered gear rack

  • Water-proof cover travels with chair for weather protection

  • Extended rail lengths available

  • Reliable performance even in a power outage

  • Offset swivel seat; flip-up arms; folding footrest/seat

Bruno Independent Living Aids is an ISO 9001 Certified designer and manufacturer, meaning Bruno is committed to the standards of workmanship that are documented and repeatable to ensure the finest quality every time.
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